2023 Pulse check of philanthropic and grant funding

14 August 2023

Philanthropy New Zealand | Tōpūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa (PNZ) has just released its latest findings on the funding landscape that philanthropists and grantmakers in Aotearoa currently find themselves in.

This survey was conducted in a period of economic downturn with high inflation and rising interest rates. It also follows severe weather events earlier in the year that have caused significant damage and impacts on particular regions and communities in the North Island, and have required extra spending and investment from different sectors in response.

Key findings:

  • Over 80% of funders are expecting to maintain the levels of their funding distributions or increase them in their current financial year
  • 48% of respondents reported their levels would likely stay the same and 33% were expecting to increase their distributions 1
  • 19% of funders are expecting their funding to decrease in their current financial year Some funder types show more of a mixed picture of changing distribution levels than others
  • Non-investment income sources and higher community need are key drivers of increased funding levels Just over a third of funders (or 35%) reported a change in the focus or “what” they are funding in the current year
  • Taking more of a relational approach and facilitating better grantmaking efficiency are two key areas for recent or current changes to funding practice
  • In the year ahead, funder partnerships and collaboration are seen as a significant opportunity by survey respondents, alongside increased collaboration with grantees Standout challenges are funders’ ability
  • Standout challenges are funders’ ability to respond to the increasing demand for funding and the financial environment within which they are operating