Kantar Report: New Zealanders Views of Tourism

24 August 2023

Kantar recently released their report into New Zealanders views on tourism, to understand the view of the impact of tourism and identify key issues that affect a person’s perceptions and tolerance for further tourism growth.

as launched its own investigation into the thefts.

This comes on the back of concerns prior to the pandemic around there being “too many” tourists who were straining both physical infrastructure and natural environments.

  • 89% agree tourism is good for the country and their region.
  • New Zealander’s understand the economic benefits of tourism, but historical concerns around traffic congestion and road accidents remain.
  • Fewer New Zealanders are concerned about the impact of tourism on the natural environment – likely as a result of reduced tourist numbers due to the pandemic.
  • Fewer New Zealanders see the level of tourism in their community as being too high.

Implications for the museums and galleries sector

While the sector is trying to move away from a “numbers through the door” mentality of assessing its value to the country or a specific region, the reality is for decision makers in both central and local government visitor numbers, length of stay, and visitor spend will continue to be important metrics that they consider when making funding decisions or evaluating performance.

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